We are a construction insurance company and proud of it. Construction companies trust CSDZ to provide the support and expertise they need to manage their risk. Unlike most other insurance brokerages who cater to multiple industries, we stay laser-focused on construction. Our “inch wide, mile deep” approach gives us unparalleled depth and insights which provide massive value to our fellow construction partners.


  • Performance Risk — Surety & SDI

    We help demystify the surety industry. Whether it’s credit analysis, market dynamics, or underwriting that’s impacting your business, we help you manage and strategically maximize your potential.

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    Performance Risk — Surety & SDI
  • Architects & Engineers

    Together, CSDZ and Holmes Murphy are the preferred partners of hundreds of leading design professionals across the nation, because we’re passionate about protecting your firm from risk.

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    Architects & Engineers
  • Captives

    To serve our clients’ diversified & unique set of risks, we provide solution options beyond the traditional insurance marketplace. If your business has an entrepreneurial drive to control risk, our captive insurance programs could be the solution you’re looking for.

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  • Claim Advocacy

    Claims happen. When they do, our Claim Advocacy team is here to provide support, guidance, and peace of mind knowing you’ll receive effective claim service and advocacy focused on achieving the best possible outcome…every time

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    Claim Advocacy
  • construction insurance
    Construction Insurance

    Controlling risk is more than just procuring an insurance policy. At CSDZ, we view ourselves as indispensable business partners to our clients.

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    Construction Insurance
  • Risk & Safety

    Our approach is to work with our clients to develop a strategy that looks at the big picture of risk or the contractor’s “Risk Footprint.”

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    Risk & Safety
  • Exclusive Risk & Safety Programs

    The exclusive programs we offer set our Risk & Safety team apart to position as your business partner—not just risk management consultant.

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    Exclusive Risk & Safety Programs
  • Risk & Safety Capabilities

    Our team is equipped with all the capabilities you need in a broker.

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    Risk & Safety Capabilities
  • Employee Benefits

    Together with Holmes Murphy, we make employee benefits easy. Through our innovation and complete suite of benefits consulting services, we offer plans that are unique and custom-built for your needs.

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    Employee Benefits
  • Executive Risk

    We pick up on the nuances of your business, close exclusion loopholes, and broaden coverage to ensure your leadership team and company are protected.

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    Executive Risk
  • Cobb Private Client

    We design and implement solutions to protect our clients’ wealth and minimize their risk exposure through comprehensive programs.

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    Cobb Private Client

Draw from our experience

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While our clients are focused on building for our future, we’re building trust with top-level services including claim advocacy, risk control, safety, contractual risk transfer, practice consulting, and more. Our passion and relentless drive forge deep, trusted relationships with the courageous companies we partner with.

Controlling risk is more than just procuring an insurance policy. As extended members of your team, we develop business risk solutions to significantly impact your bottom line.

Several stories above the rest

  • Integrity

    We place the needs of our clients above any other motivation.

  • Insight

    We are dedicated to understanding you and your business.

  • Innovation

    We provide solutions that only true creative thinking can generate.

  • Impact

    We benefit your business, bottom-line and peace of mind.

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