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Financially successful individuals and families tend to have more complex lifestyles and a higher risk of insurable loss than the average American. Too often, they have outgrown their existing coverage, leaving their wealth and lifestyles vulnerable should a major accident, lawsuit or other form of loss occur. Our team is here to help–protecting your wealth and minimizing your risk exposure is our primary focus.

The Cobb Private Client Difference

  • We design and implement solutions to protect our clients’ wealth and minimize their risk exposure through comprehensive programs.

  • Our approach is unique in that we work hand-in-hand with clients’ other trusted advisors. This collaboration with wealth advisors, CPAs and attorneys identifies issues and aligns client’s personal insurance needs with their overall financial plan.

  • Personalized service is our top priority. Together, we will design a review process that fits your schedule and covers your current risk management needs along with any recommendations we might have to enhance it.

Our Expertise

  • We have professionals and resources with knowledge and capabilities in several key areas that require high levels of expertise including Family Office, Equestrian, Fine Art and Aviation.

  • Our team has extensive experience on both the broker and carrier sides of the business, giving us a unique ability to understand the depth and breadth of options in the personal insurance space, ensuring that the solutions we provide are as unique as each client.

Our Clients

  • We work with a wide variety of individuals and families including multigenerational wealth, professional money managers, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, business owners and professional athletes.


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