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NEW: First Deadlines for Laid-Off Workers to Get Health Insurance NEW: What Does a Bus Crash, COVID-19, and Mental Wellbing Have in Common?
NEW: U.S. to Launch Large-Scale COVID-19 Vaccine Trials by JulyVirtual Townhall (May 19, 2020): Post COVID-19 Construction World – A Strategic and Tactical Response
NEW: Federal Coronavirus Testing Plan Puts Burden on StatesSocial Distancing for the Social Butterfly
NEW: WHO Warns of “Second Peak” in Areas Where COVID-19 Is DecliningPart 2 – Managing Risk as Employees Return to Work
U.S. Begins Crackdown on Unvetted Virus Blood TestsGetting Raw and Real about COVID-19
CDC Estimates that 35 Percent of Coronavirus Patients Don’t Have SymptomsCal Beyer Speaks to the Importance of EAPs During and After COVID-19
U.S. to Invest $1.2 Billion to Secure Potential Coronavirus Vaccine from AstraZeneca, Oxford UniversityPart 1 – Managing Risk as Employees Return to Work
Mnuchin Sees “Strong Likelihood” of Needing Another COVID-19 Relief BillBenefitsPro Shares Holmes Murphy and CSDZ Information on Reopening the Workplace Strategies
OSHA Ramps Up Physical Inspections, COVID-19 Case ReportingThe Personal Impacts of COVID-19
CDC Director Touts Decrease in COVID-19 TransmissionBusiness Record Features Holmes Murphy and CSDZ Webinar on Reopening the Workplace Strategies
FDA Will Seek to Collect “Real-World” Data on COVID-19The Voice Features Cal Beyer Speaking to the High Risk of Suicide in the Construction Industry
Assessment of Deaths from COVID-19 and from Seasonal InfluenzaBreaking the Mental Health Stigma
Why Is There Uncertainty about COVID-19 Health Insurance Coverage?
Cal Beyer Offers Tips in Fieldwire about How to Support Your Team’s Mental Health
Virtual Townhall (April 28, 2020): Insurance Coverage Implications
Cal Beyer Speaks with Construction Business Owner about Dealing with COVID-19 Stress
Connecting with Your Employees During and After COVID-19
COVID-19 Construction Risk
Virtual Townhall (April 16, 2020): Capturing Opportunities in 2020
Virtual Townhall (April 9, 2020): COVID-19 and Workers’ Compensation
Virtual Townhall (April 2, 2020): COVID-19 and Surety Bonds Considerations
Virtual Townhall (March 26, 2020): Employee Wellbeing and HR Challenges
Worker Mental Wellbeing Video ResourcesDownloadable Resources
Preparing to Back into It – Personal Strategies for Returning to the Workplace (4:00)NEW: Toolbox Talk: Risk of Alcohol/Substance Use Relapse Rising with COVID-19
Dealing with Worry During COVID-19 (2:39)ICYMI: [Webinar] COVID-19 Managing Risk: What Employers Need to Know As Employees Return to Work
Stress of Working at Home During COVID-19 (4:05)COVID-19 Business Interruptions Claims Procedures and Loss Documentation
Does COVID-19 Feel Like a Tiger’s Den? (2:54)Control Measures for Reopening the Workplace
What to Do with Your Time During COVID-19 (3:19)Recovery Efforts for Contractors During COVID-19 Crisis
How to Calm Yourself Down in Stressful Situations (2:04)Video Playlist: COVID-19 Resources
Finding the Benefit of Your Biggest Stresses (2:19)Surety Guidelines to Paycheck Protection Program Loans
How to Manage Your Unwanted Emotions (2:03)Worker Guidelines for Protecting their Family from COVID-19
Common Thinking Traps (3:59)CDC Guide to Wearing Cloth Face Coverings
Jobsite Control Plan for COVID-19
Business Continuity: Active Jobsite Guidelines
Business Continuity: Impacts to Construction from Delays or Shutdowns
Toolbox Talk: Worker Mental Wellbeing – Self-Care
Toolbox Talk: Worker Mental Wellbeing – Health and Suicide Prevention Resources
Resources: Worker Mental Wellbeing – For Employees and Families
Resources: Worker Mental Wellbeing – For Employers

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