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NEW: Sixth Circuit Wins Lottery to Hear Vaccine Mandate Challenge, OSHA Pauses Enforcement Activity OSHA Issues COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard
NEW: Should Employers Keep Preparing for the COVID-19 ETS? How’s Your COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Strategy Going?
NEW: FDA Recalling 2 Million Ellume At-Home COVID-19 Test Kits Because of False Positives Should You Require Employees to Vaccinate Against COVID-19?
NEW: Pfizer Seeks FDA Approval for COVID-19 Pill I Received the COVID-19 Vaccination!
NEW: Study Shows Cancer Patients Can Safely Receive COVID-19 Vaccines COVID-19: Disinfecting Your Business without Breaking the Bank
Pfizer-BioNTech Asks FDA to Expand Booster Eligibility to All Adults COVID-19, Healthcare, and the Election: 5 Things that Matter Now
Regeneron’s Antibody Drug Cocktail Shows Protection for Up to Eight Months Telemedicine Visits Double During COVID-19
Pfizer Pill for COVID-19 Treatment Shows Dramatic Benefit in Major Study Contractor Tips: Managing Cash Flow During COVID-19
Survey Reveals Entrenched U.S. COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy  
CDC Gives Green Light to Moderna and JandJ Boosters, Plus Mix-and-Match Strategy  
Worker Mental Wellbeing Video Resources Downloadable Resources
Preparing to Back into It – Personal Strategies for Returning to the Workplace (4:00) Domestic Violence Resources to Promote Wellbeing Among Workers
Dealing with Worry During COVID-19 (2:39) Mental Wellbeing and Suicide Prevention Resources for Veterans and Caregivers
Stress of Working at Home During COVID-19 (4:05) Toolbox Talk: Risk of Alcohol/Substance Use Relapse Rising with COVID-19
Does COVID-19 Feel Like a Tiger’s Den? (2:54) ICYMI: [Webinar] COVID-19 Managing Risk: What Employers Need to Know As Employees Return to Work
What to Do with Your Time During COVID-19 (3:19) COVID-19 Business Interruptions Claims Procedures and Loss Documentation
How to Calm Yourself Down in Stressful Situations (2:04) Control Measures for Reopening the Workplace
Finding the Benefit of Your Biggest Stresses (2:19) Recovery Efforts for Contractors During COVID-19 Crisis
How to Manage Your Unwanted Emotions (2:03) Video Playlist: COVID-19 Resources
Common Thinking Traps (3:59) Surety Guidelines to Paycheck Protection Program Loans
  Worker Guidelines for Protecting their Family from COVID-19
  CDC Guide to Wearing Cloth Face Coverings
  Jobsite Control Plan for COVID-19
  Business Continuity: Active Jobsite Guidelines
  Business Continuity: Impacts to Construction from Delays or Shutdowns
  Toolbox Talk: Worker Mental Wellbeing – Self-Care
  Toolbox Talk: Worker Mental Wellbeing – Health and Suicide Prevention Resources
  Resources: Worker Mental Wellbeing – For Employees and Families
  Resources: Worker Mental Wellbeing – For Employers

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