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Safety Leadership Academy

Our construction clients challenged CSDZ to develop construction safety courses that address the broad spectrum of risk and not just the narrow view of safety. The CSDZ Construction Risk & Safety Leadership Academy was developed out of a need to educate individuals new to the risk and safety profession, either through promoting a field supervisor into the safety role or an individual who recently graduated with a safety degree.

The Leadership Academy is an intensive 1-year educational forum that provides professional development, leadership and strategic mentoring from our staff of experienced Construction Risk and Safety Professionals.

The Leadership Academy has two main outcomes for individuals completing the year-long educational platform:

  1. Provide the practical risk and safety tools that can be transferred and tailored to their company’s day-to-day operations.
  2. Prepare each individual to take the CHST (Construction Health & Safety Technician) certification.  Visit the BCSP website to learn more about the CHST.

Visit the BCSP website to learn more about the CHST Certification.

RISQ Workshop

RISQ stands for Risk, Intelligence, Safety & Quality.  The RISQ initiative provides our clients with a platform that focuses at the field supervision level.  The importance of having the focus at the field supervisor level is that they are at the “point-of-impact” for influencing and managing how risk ultimately impacts all facets of a project.

RISQ is a 1-day, high-impact workshop that provides field supervision with a clear understanding of how risk impacts a project from a broad perspective and how risk can impact the overall financial success of a project.

National Construction Peer-Groups

The CSDZ Peer-Groups is an advanced group of clients with cutting-edge Risk and Safety Management programs that meet and share industry best practices in managing construction risk. These Peer-Group meetings are venues where Executive Leadership gather and collaborate with peers to discuss proven strategies that can help reduce operational risk challenges. Group size is capped to help foster vigorous discussion between members. Each member commits to having his or her President and Safety/Risk Manager attend and participate in these meetings. 

Webinar Series

The CSDZ Webinar Series provides our clients with practical risk and safety solutions on topics impacting their day-to-day work activities.  During these webinars, clients hear our CSDZ Construction Risk & Safety experts discuss important topics that offer task-specific solutions to support and build a defensible compliance strategy that helps to stay compliant with the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

The webinars are interactive and require participants to use an “app based” response tool to answer questions real-time throughout the webinar.  Each webinar is recorded and available to our clients at anytime on the CSDZ website.

Roundtable Best-Practice Forums

The Roundtable forums are intended to bring our clients together and share their experiences and discuss relevant risk and safety challenges.  Each roundtable forum has a specific “risk” focus and is facilitated by CSDZ’s Risk & Safety Professionals to help drive the group’s discussion.  Through these forums, our clients gain valuable knowledge, acquire important resource information and develop key peer-to-peer contacts.


The CSDZ seminar platform is geared toward a specific risk management topic and features outside subject matter experts.  The purpose is to explore larger issues within the world of construction risk that our clients face on a daily basis.  These seminars provide a forum for individuals to come and hear industry/topic experts discuss current challenges that impact construction operations.

Quality Control Workshops

The CSDZ QC initiative is focused at the field level where quality control can have the biggest impact. The challenge for many of our clients is translating written QC manual/policies into working task plans that produce results by crews in the field. To be successful, field crews must be the “point-of-impact” for any QC program. This is a hands-on working group where you learn how to develop your own company-specific QC task plans.  

Our comfort zone: safe work zones

For more than a century we’ve helped construction companies reduce their risk with our many exclusive programs. Contact us to learn more about our Risk & Safety programs.

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