With every solution we offer, we seek to positively affect your risk outcomes in an increasingly risky world.

Commercial Insurance

Controlling risk is more than just procuring an insurance policy. Although risk comes in many forms, the immediate risk for most contractors and operators lies in the contract. That’s why CSDZ assists in contract review and analysis so that the insurance and risk transfer are structured to meet the contractual and indemnification needs of owners and contractors. Appropriate and fair risk transfer, along with an understanding of the risk undertaken, is our goal.

CSDZ can partner with you to develop business risk solutions to dramatically impact your bottomline. Whether your organization is large or small, whether your needs are complex or straightforward, CSDZ can provide Insurance Products and Risk Management concepts to protect your business and further your business goals.

Private Client

Your needs are unique. Our dedicated specialists will partner with you to understand your distinctive needs and expectations so we can offer solutions to protect all that you have and all that you want. Our professionals will discreetly provide you with personalized polices to give you the comfort in knowing you are covered in what is important to you.

Professional Insurance

To safeguard your professional reputation, insist on the integrity that can only be offered by an organization that has built its name on adhering to the highest professional standards. This division focuses on the risk management and insurance needs of Professional Service firms including Design, Healthcare and Legal professionals. Our dedicated specialists can work with you to protect your reputation and your business, from proper insurance coverage to claim oversight and counseling. CSDZ understands your practice, its sensitive nature, and the impact that innovation can provide to the wellbeing of your firm.


Few areas can impact you as directly and immediately as effective and professional claim management service. When claims happen, our dedicated claims professionals deliver the peace of mind that only years of experience can provide. Our six dedicated Claims Specialists have more than 50 years combined experience. Many come from the “carrier side,” so they offer valuable insight into the claims process.

We manage your claims by serving as an extension of you:

  • Setting up protocols/claim handling instructions with insurance carriers
  • Advocating on your behalf with insurance companies
  • Keeping you informed:
    • Claim Reports
    • Strategic Claim Calls
    • In-person Claims Review

Claim situations can be trying and hectic. That’s why our focus remains squarely on your interests. We serve as a bridge between you and the carrier, opening lines of communications to achieve claim outcomes that protect your business and your reputation.


CSDZ has been focused on providing surety program solutions since 1919. Our passion for surety is part of our legacy and it continues to define our strategy and focus. Our team of 20 experts brings more than 500 years of experience to the strategic management and service of surety programs. The CSDZ approach to surety reflects our commitment to contributing to your success:

  • Demystification – We want you to be knowledgeable about the surety industry, credit analysis, market dynamics, and underwriting tendencies
  • Meaningful Relationships – We facilitate strong relationships with our partner markets on a local and national level
  • Program Management – We manage the best possible terms and conditions
  • Financial Benchmarking – We provide insight and perspective on financial metrics
  • Strategy and Planning – We facilitate and participate in business planning to help achieve economic potential
  • Clarity –We manage communications and expectations to drive outcome certainty


We are driven by our core values to provide innovative risk management/risk transfer options for our clients, as well as solutions that go beyond the traditional insurance carrier policy and insurance carrier services. For almost 20 years, we have been building the expertise necessary to provide captive insurance company solutions that are without peer in our area. Whether your situation calls for a single parent captive, a group captive or a rent-a-captive, we can work with you to create concepts that will achieve continuous improvement in your risk management results. Not only do captive solutions give you greater control over your cost of risk, they can also be a vehicle for insuring non-traditional risks and for changing risk management from a cost to a profit center. If you feel you are not getting the maximum benefit from your safety and risk management efforts, a captive might be the right solution for you.

Risk & Safety

Managing safety & risk exposures are one of the single most important commitments for any contractor today. The financial impact can be tied directly to the balance sheet through the avoidance of costly claims and poor QA/QC outcomes. Our philosophy at CSDZ is simple: provide the best safety & risk solutions to our clients that contribute to their success. Our team of Professionals brings more than 100 years of hands-on construction safety & risk experience to our clients. Our experience and expertise is wide ranging:

  • Infrastructure
  • High-rise
  • Alternative Energy
  • Industrial/Commercial Building
  • Trucking/Fleet
  • Oil & Gas
  • Concrete
  • Specialty Construction
  • Energy/Power
  • Communication
  • Environmental

We understand that every contractor has a different philosophy in how they manage their business – safety & risk is no exception. We have the ability to tailor a wide variety of industry-leading solutions that impact your business performance:

  • Cultural assessment tools
  • Delivering timely information through: seminars, roundtables & webinars
  • Customized training/educational solutions
  • Quality control solutions
  • Measuring & benchmarking tools & capabilities
  • National Peer-Groups focused on safety & risk
  • Strategic 3rd party vendor partnerships
  • Catastrophic incident response & mitigation assistance
  • OSHA assistance: On-site consultation & compliance participation, Citation strategy development
  • Customized tools the help impact safety & risk outcomes
  • Web-portal prequalification expertise & assistance


Subcontractor performance risk is one of the most significant risks that many construction entities face. We assist contractors in identifying, mitigating, and limiting the risk of subcontractor default. Our comprehensive approach includes prequalification (assessment and implementation), selection process, QA/QC, and contractual risk transfer.

We also facilitate the use of third party risk mitigation tools such as surety bonding and subcontractor default insurance (SDI), a specialty insurance product used to mitigate the risk of subcontractor default. We work closely with our clients to evaluate and implement SDI programs that give contractors control and protection in the event of a subcontractor default. Because our construction risk experts were involved with the initial development and implementation of SDI, we offer a unique level of product expertise.